Our Mission is to Become The Best Service Company in The World.

About Us

Aspire factory for  Aseptic, detergent and specialized chemicals manufacturing is an esteem well built foundation that works in the following fields:

  • Water Treatment Chemicals.
  • Disinfection Chemicals.
  • Cleaning Chemicals.
  • Aseptic & detergent.

Quality Policy:

Assure continuously improvement of our products quality through manufacturing processes .

Supplying of  water treatment, cleaning and disinfection chemicals that fulfill our customer  requirements and satisfying their needs and expectations .

To comply with environmental  and safety regulations, statutory and requirements  through total quality management (


To be the leading supplier and manufacturer in the country to gain customers trust in building long term relationships that we want to last a lifetime.


To customize service, work with integrity, improve performance continuously, we determined to serve our customers with solutions exceeding to their expectations.


Reputation first and client first is the principle of Aspire factory , and we are looking forward to establishing a reliable and long term business partnership with all of you. We do this every day by offering the best possible selection of high quality of product and services at the best possible price.

Our Principles:

  • Take care of the customer
  • The customer is our number one priority and the reason we exist as a manufacturer
  • Take care of the factory is dedicated to growth and innovative development.
  • Spire takes care of people to provide opportunities for its employees to fully develop their abilities and make a personal contribution to the success of the factory.
  • Innovate with high quality products.
  • Deliver value to the customer.
  • These principles, guide us to take the right decision every day.